High HOLY DAYS 2014/5775  

Services with Rabbi Sylvia Rothschild
and Cantor Univ.-Prof. Dr. Mitchell Ash
Musical Direction: Mag. Jakob Sint and Myrna Pfundner

Erev Rosh Hashana: Wednesday, 24 September 7pm
Rosh Hashana 1st Day: Thursday, 25 September 10am
     followed by tashlich at the Donaukanal
Kol Nidre: Friday, 3 October 7pm
Yom Kippur: Saturday, 4 October 10.30am
     yiskor at about 5:30pm

Price: EUR 45 for members; EUR 80 for guests.
students pay half; children up to bar/bat mitsvah age free

Due to space and security reasons, we request that you
reserve your seat by email by 16 September at the latest.
The reservation is only valid after payment to the BankAustria account
IBAN: AT241200000684090301

Visitors from abroad should contact the Or Chadasch
treasurer, Mr. John Clark (j.clark@orchadasch.at) to arrange
payment at the entrance.

Email: info@orchadasch.at
Information Tel.: (01)9671329





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